10 Most Important Constitutional Rights

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you understand that you have rights. The paramount one being the right to retain an attorney. The defendant is guaranteed the right to legal representation, whether the attorney is appointed for the defendant or the defendant hires a private attorney.

1. Right to counsel (attorney)
2. Right to effective assistance of counsel (attorney)
3. Right to cross examine and confront witnesses
4. Right to testify on one’s own behalf
5. Right to remain silent
6. Right to a speedy trial
7. Right to use courts subpoena power to compel witnesses to testify
8. Right to a jury trial (in most cases)
9. Right to an impartial jury
10. Right to produce evidence on your behalf



11. Right to stand your ground in the face of danger

Stand your ground

Stand Your Ground is a defense that allows a judge to determine the validity of a self defense claim and should always be alleged when defending these cases. A person is under no obligation to retreat in the face of a reasonable fear that threatens life or limb, or threatens the same to a family member. I have argued numerous cases regarding this issue, and in some cases the need to defend one’s self is the most important fundamental issue that insulates the accused. it allows people to protect themselves without fear of arrest or incarceration.

Let me help you with this charge. 
Intentional acts may be hard to prove by the prosecutor. 
Many cases result in either reduced or dropped charges.

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