One of the most commonly charged criminal offenses in South Florida is misdemeanor assault (also known as ” aggravated assault a 3rd degree felony). Allegations of assault can arise from a number of ways, including through the use of verbal threats or attempting to touch in harmful ways another person against their will.
Under Florida Laws, the definition of assault means that a person is accused attempting to hit, slap, bite, pinch, kick, poke, push or verbally threatening another person.  If an assault weapon is used or serious injury results from the contact, aggravated assault or battery or both can be charged.

Misdemeanor assault charges in Florida can result in serious penalties and repercussions if a conviction occurs. Assault third degree is a first degree misdemeanor which includes a statutory maximum penalty of:

  • Jail or incarceration time up to 364 days;
  • Fines of up to $1,000;
  • A criminal record;
  • An inability to pursue certain jobs, professions or educational opportunities.

Stand your ground

Is a defense that allows a judge to determine the validity of a self defense claim and should always be alleged when defending these cases. A person is under no obligation to retreat in the face of a reasonable fear that threatens life or limb, or threatens the same to a family member. I have argued numerous cases regarding this issue, and in some cases the need to defend one’s self is the most important fundamental issue that insulates the accused. it allows people to protect themselves without fear of arrest or incarceration.


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Intentional acts may be hard to prove by the prosecutor. 
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