Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is handled by a special division within the state’s attorney office and is assigned a special courtroom. These prosecutors only deal with domestically related battery assaults and stalking.

The relationship that you have with a family member or significant other generally dictates the results of these cases. Domestic violence requires special treatment due to the emotional state of all concerned parties.  What alleged victims say in anger has resulted in your incarceration with criminal charges.

Stand your ground

Is a defense that allows a judge to determine the validity of a self defense claim and should always be alleged when defending these cases. A person is under no obligation to retreat in the face of a reasonable fear that threatens life or limb, or threatens the same to a family member. I have argued numerous cases regarding this issue, and in some cases the need to defend one’s self is the most important fundamental issue that insulates the accused. it allows people to protect themselves without fear of arrest or incarceration.

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