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Small Business Loans – SBA has a policy that it will not extend loans to individuals or businesses with an owner or associate convicted of crimes of “moral turpitude.” Moral turpitude is a term that is often used but rarely defined in the law. A crime of moral turpitude is generally a violent felony or a crime involving dishonesty. Embezzlement, aggravated assault, attempted murder and perjury would all likely be considered crimes of moral turpitude.

SBA requirements would be in addition to those imposed by the lender. The lender participating in the SBA lending program will likely have its own requirements, which may be that any conviction would disqualify a borrower from receiving an SBA loan. It is perfectly acceptable for a bank or credit union to have such a rule, since it is ultimately up to the bank and SBA to decide whether a borrower qualifies for a loan, not just SBA.

The easiest way to know if your background will prevent you from obtaining a loan is to have no criminal background at all. However, there are cases where a conviction will not prevent you from obtaining a loan, so it is at least worth a phone call to find out if you qualify in your particular case.

Florida Housing Association Loans – When considering buying a house, this type of loan is good for felons who often have a lower credit score. … Jobs for felons can be difficult to find. An FHA loanrequires two consecutive years of employment before applying. For felons in this situation, FHA loans are a good way to buy a house.


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