White Collar Crime

There are a variety of nonviolent crimes which are considered to be white collar crimes. The common denominator is that these crimes take place in commercial situations with the purpose of achieving financial gain.According to the FBI, white collar crimes cost the United States more than $300 billion every year.  Therefore, people found to be committing these crimes are often harshly prosecuted, especially if the white collar crime violated a federal law.

White collar crimes are deliberate acts motivated by profit and tend to be made up of complex, sophisticated, and technical actions.White collar crimes include such criminal activities as:
Money Laundering
Identity Theft
Insider Trading
Conspiracy & RICO Crimes
Bank & Bankruptcy Fraud
Tax evasion
Computer & Internet Crimes
The state or the government has the power to sanction both individuals and corporations for these offenses, and consequently, will be very thorough when prosecuting these types of crimes.  Lengthy, meticulous investigations typically precede charges for white collar crimes, making it especially important to have the proper legal representation.The earlier you have a lawyer representing you, the better the chance you will have of overcoming your charges.

These crimes are mostly charged as federal offenses and include embezzlement, conspiracy, Fraud and even trafficking  in narcotics or illegal aliens. These charges are very serious and require a large amount of investigation and litigation. I have been licensed in federal court for over 18 years and have handled many cases of this magnitude.

Stand your ground

Stand Your Ground is a defense that allows a judge to determine the validity of a self defense claim and should always be alleged when defending homicide cases. A person is under no obligation to retreat in the face of a reasonable fear that threatens life or limb, or threatens the same to a family member. I have argued numerous cases regarding this issue, and in some cases the need to defend one’s self is the most important fundamental issue that insulates the accused. it allows people to protect themselves without fear of arrest or incarceration.

With these things in mind, the best way to approach a domestic violence case is to develop a plan that will not only result in the dismissal of the case, but also bring harmony between you and the accuser.

Let me help you with this charge. 
Intentional acts may be hard to prove by the prosecutor. 
Many cases result in either reduced or dropped charges.

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