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This is the worst of all allegations against any person when it comes to any employment opportunities. It will prevent you from getting any professional licenses ie.. real estate, mortgage etc. This crime is usually associated with white collar crime. Fraud is considered a crime of “Moral Turpitude” which will result in long lasting effects to your life. However nothing could be further from the truth, most of these cases deal with an administrative agency that frequently make accounting mistakes, and you will pay the price for their errors.

Anytime a consumer is the victim of an intentional deception that is engineered for the purpose of injuring that person financially, it is described as a consumer fraud. There are a variety of different types of consumer fraud that people can find themselves the victim of:


  • Credit card fraud
  • Hurricane fraud
  • Movie ticket fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Phone company fraud
  • Internets services / Internet usage fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Prize/sweepstakes fraud
  • Shop-at-home/catalog sale fraud

Regardless of the specific type of consumer fraud that someone is victimized by, it is important to note that they are not alone.

There were 24,796 consumer fraud complaints registered through Consumer Sentinel by Floridians in the 2009 calendar year. The victims of consumer fraud in Florida reported total monetary losses exceeding $33.4 million, meaning that the average consumer fraud victim was taken for more than $2,000 (this is significantly higher than the 2005 national average of $350).


The areas of Florida reporting the most instances of consumer fraud in 2009 included:

  • Miami (1,693 complaints)
  • Tampa (1,128 complaints)
  • Orlando (1,088 complaints)
  • Jacksonville (1,060 complaints)
  • St. Petersburg (588 complaints)

There are an innumerable amount of defenses to these administrative nightmares.
I have had a lot of success defending these kind of cases.