If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you understand that you have rights.

I hired someone else. How do I know if my other lawyer is going to fight for me?

Seal/expunge your prior arrest or conviction from your record.

10 things the defendant should expect from his or her criminal defense attorney.

Why you should hire our Criminal Defense team.


Whether you're looking for it or not, trouble has its own unique way of finding you in prison.


No matter how long ago having a criminal record can make it harder to get a small business loan.


Get the job you have always wanted. No more criminal history to explain on your application.


You will be required to complete a Criminal Disclosure Statement in your license application.


My application for an apartment was rejected. The reason  was stated in one word: criminal.


Having a conviction on your record can make getting an education a little more complicated.

Recent Victories

October 2018

State vs. Sainville – Child Abuse case concerning a single mother who temporarily left her children in an unattended vehicle.     -Charges Dismissed.

September 2018

State vs. Cento – Felony Driving Under the Influence, Police Stop Deemed Unconstitutional.
– Charges Dismissed.

August 2018

State vs. Hall – Domestic Violence Felony, Victim recanted prior to trial.
– Charges Dismissed

July 2018

State vs. Thompson – DUI, Jury Trial.
– Verdict Not Guilty

Client Testimonials

The whole team is great! Excellent management and commitment to my case.

Ruth Samuel

Thank you for your expediency! I am now happily employed at my dream job thanks to you.

Jeff Freeman

Thank you for all of your help! I am so happy to have my life back!

Lisa Deleon

I am beyond grateful! Thank you for clearing my name and my faith in humanity.

Cheryl Jovial

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